have several Lake Malawi Aulonocara (Peacock) Cichlids for sale. These guys are approx. 2.5 inches at this time. Most will get to 5 inches or so. I purchased several fry and let them grow out. Now I need to reduce my inventory. Peacocks and yellow labs are not very aggressive african cichlids. I will not let them go to anyone who is planning on putting them with aggressive Mbuna species. They will also need a tank above 50 gallons. Strawberry's have not got the dark red on them yet, picture is a full grown adult. For sale are the following:

Sunburst Peacocks - Bright orange
Strawberry Peacocks - Peach colored orange/red splotches as they mature
Eureka Red Peacocks - Very nice as they mature
Yellow Labs - Good temperment with the peacocks, Pale yellow.
Sulfur Head Peacock, female - Very light stripe on head

These fish are priced by fish. This size at pet store if you could find them would run $20 each.