Sobe is a 6 year old Purebred Dwarf Hotot Bunny! He has been used in 4-H and won some shows (before I bought him). I got him for my birthday a couple years ago but my horses are taking up to much of my time now. Sobe would LOVE to go to a family with young kids that will play and cuddle him all day! Once Sobe gets to know you, he is VERY friendly and LOVES people! Included with Sobe is a cage, a waterer, a feed dish, a rabbit leash (he loves going outside in the summer!), a litter and a half bag full of bunny food (from keddies so it's a BIG bag!). Sobe would be a perfect Christmas present for kids or just a perfect bunny for any family! If you would like more info or would like to come meet Sobe please text me anytime, e-mail me anytime, or call between 5pm-9pm ( I have a plan that I only have free calling between those hours, so please only call between those hours, Thanks!!) I am asking a REDUCED price of $75!!! PS-I am also willing to keep Sobe until Christmas if you want him to be a surprise!